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Aggregation Analyzer Encephalograph Sperm analyzer

Model SFA-500

Analyzer of basic spermatic fertility indices

spermometer photo
The sperm analyzers produced by Biola Ltd. are designed to determine motility and concentration of spermatozoa in undiluted ejaculate. The analyzer is a fast and precise device, which helps to diagnosticate the basic abnormalities in male reproduction function and to determine the therapeutic strategy.

These sperm analyzers were developed on the basis of modern computer and laser technologies and they have neither analogs nor prototypes. Despite sophisticated construction, SFA-500 analyzer is extremely simple and easy-to-use. To make and analysis, it is sufficient only to place the specimen into the measuring cuvette. Other operations are performed by the device automatically in a couple of minutes. The results will be displayed in PC screen or paper recorder.

At present, medical market has no similar devices that combine high information capacity, easiness in use, and moderate prices.

SFA-500 Sperm Analyzer is a laser-based optical device supplied with specialized software and versatile display of the data. The software operates in an IBM/AT-compatible computer run under Windows. The software stores the analysis data with timing marks and commentary records on the hard disk. Results of analysis are displayed on the screen and printed on a standard sheet.




Specimen volume: 50 µl
Thermostating range: (25...42oC) ±0.2oC
Analysis time: 4.5 min
Concentration range (5...250)*106/mL
Constant bias:<5%
Repeatability error (rms): <5%
Power supply:220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions:300*300*185 mm
Weight:2.8 kg

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